All that’s fit

The best reporting and analysis for the week 5-11 January 2014:

Pushing Back Against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant: The Syria Revolutionaries’ Front and the Mujahideen Army by Aron Lund, Carnegie Endowment’s

A New Anbar Awakening by Jane Arraf, Foreign Policy

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s Statement to the Crusaders of the Military Commissions in Guantanamo by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Syria Rebels Turn Against Most Radical Group Tied to Al Qaeda by Anne Barnard, The New York Times

Clashes Between Militants and Army Spread in Iraq by Kareem Fahim and Duraid Adnan, The New York Times

New ISIS Leaks Reveal Particulars of al-Qaida Strategy by Matthew Barber, Syria Comment

Al-Qaeda Leaks: Baghdadi and Golani Fight Over the Levant Emirate by Radwan Mortada, Al-Akhbar English

The Arab world into the unknown by Peter Harling and Sarah Birke, The Arabist


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